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Like most of us, I started my working life as a front end individual contributor. Stayed that way for the initial 6 years, half of which were on the shopfloor and the balance as a sales maker.

One of the key ingredients, the lens through which we recognise professional growth in India, is the concept of leading – managing – people. Though there is hardly a co-relation between the two, such is the cultural connotation.  And in that sense I was fortunate to quickly become responsible for small sized teams. Over time this led to larger, more complex structures, set ups and operating modules.

While there has been tremendous learning at every stage of my career so far, I have to confess of having faced innumerable challenges, dilemmas, points of contentions, debates, self doubt along the way – as an individual contributor and even more so as a manager. Most of these are related to regular pains of growing up and/or dealing with situations that forever will be sensitive and tricky – people interactions (superiors, peers or subordinates), collaboration, creating success through impact and influence,  perception versus reality challenges, complex customer and partner situations etc etc. Our conduct and decision making during  such moments demands objectivity at all times and requires guidance at most.

As the environment continues to get even more complex, this blog will intend to simply facilitate a discussion forum where matters of management and leadership – professional or personal – can be brought up and collective wisdom pooled in to suggest desirable outcomes. Since it is contemporary, the coaching and guidance provided can be as practical as possible.

I am very certain that the topic will be of relevance and interest to all of us – therefore contribute generously. The quality of discussion generated will make for a rich value addition to each one of us.

I am very excited and look forward to some great interactions!!

best wishes,

rajiv srivastava