appreciate and bond…..

Relationships take a long time to build. A lot of patience, faith and trust in the other person over a period time – that can sometimes be years as well – is the key to building strong relationships. Strong bonding within the family, with people in the neighbourhood, with friends and at workplace is often a huge source of strength and stimulates performance, provides happiness.   

Relationships can be very fragile if not cemented with love and understanding. Appreciating work done by others and encouraging them goes a long way in making bonds stronger.

I am fortunate that my son Samarth, always has words of appreciation for the simplest of things I do for him and he likes.This could be as simple as a  well toasted slice of bread or everyday cooking like vegetables or dal – making my efforts even more worthwhile.

Make it a point to appreciate the smallest effort put in by the other and make their day . It creates wonderful environment and paves way for better bonding with others.It also helps in creating positive vibes between individuals and teams.

Do it once and see the impact.

Happy bonding !!


7 thoughts on “appreciate and bond…..

  1. First of all Congratulations on starting a great blog. All the posts are really inspiring and help you in self motivation. Believe me, 70% of people think of starting something like this and never do. So I guess you have already taken your intial step on “I CAN LEAD”.

    I do believe that almost all of us are born with leadership qualities, just that for most of them it fades over a period of time with the lack of self confidence and lesser risk taking capabilities. And the rest few who outshine others always had that feeling of “I Believe in Myself” alive within themselves for every moment of their lives, which I think is the Key Factor in becoming a great Leader.

    Each one of us have the capability to make a difference in our lives and the society, its just a matter of taking the intial step and such blogs definetly help you to overcome your inner weaknesses.

    Good Communication is the essence of any Relationship whether its a personal or a professional one. It not only helps you come closer to the person but also helps create a strong inseparable bond between the two.

    Great Work!!

    Keep Posting.

  2. hm… this is a topic very close to my heart and I am super passionate about this point. i just mentioned in my facebook profile that i will start blogging on Account Management and Relationship Management alongside the platform that Rajiv has created. I have just started twiting too, but that onlky on relationship management. I twit using “kirandb”.

    Ruchi, I agree with you with every thinking cell.

    patience, long term vision, honesty,sense of inner security about self, ability to be Selfless in situations.. ability to just be hanging in there are key to build a successful relationship. writing a different comment on my ingredients for building great relationships in the professional world

  3. Well said, Ruchi.

    I am sure that all of us are recepients and providers of appreciation everyday. Its just that some of us are better at seizing the chance and vocalizing it. We should strive to do it spontaneously and be sincere about our appreciation.

    As all other habits, this is one that needs cultivation. Sometimes, we are caught up in our own world to be aware of what someone else is doing (i.e. even feeling the appreciation). And at other times, we are busy or too shy to express our appreciation.

    An “attitude of gratitude” always helps in being down to earth, about our own life and the role others, circumstances, and luck play in it.

    1. ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – is an apt phrase used by you.
      This is usually lacking in most of us due to various reasons including shyness,ego,etc.
      We fail to appreciate or thank a person because we may feel that it is not such an important thing to do or may be our complex mental makeup forbids us from taking the first step to do so.
      We must understand that when we are the recepient of appreciation – we feel good ; so when we appreciate someone – he will feel good too.
      So go on and make someone happy today !

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