Time to say bye to “The Little Red Dot”

22 months have flown by so soon. We are heading back to NOIDA, India after a wonderful stay in Singapore - a country that is so safe and secure, clean, green and pollution-free with a pleasant urban environment. Abundant lush greenery can be seen all along the roadsides and built-up

The Ultimate Giver

Very few can match her desire to give. She has given love and care, guidance and hope, smile and happiness to each and every person she has met for as long as I can remember. She is THE ULTIMATE GIVER..... As a teacher, she teaches many unknown children from the slums who come

Moving beyond the COMFORT ZONE

Ever since the decision to move to Singapore has been taken, there has been an overwhelming mixture of emotions and reactions in our minds. The delight of Rajiv moving to a bigger role in his professional career; happiness of shifting to a safe, clean, pollution-free environment; moving closer to our son

It’s all in the Mind…….

Just back from a trekking trip to Naag Tibba with an amazing group of friends. All went off very well. Clear weather, fresh mountain air, cool breeze, the beautiful sights of the Himalayan ranges and step farms, herds of goats and sheep, mules grazing quietly, streams of refreshing cold water,

Be Creative…. Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is an emotional state of well being defined by positive and pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to joy. There are various ways of achieving happiness... creativity is one of them. A strong connection has been established between creativity and happiness. All people are not born with

Run and be Happy

Taking part in a run / marathon is a wonderful experience. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel rejuvenated besides keeping you fit and healthy. I recently completed my second run of the year - first Pinkathon 9 ( 3 km ) in Sept.2015 and now The Great Delhi Run

retired, but not tired …..

We were  in Scandinavia recently for a 10 - day long vacation. It was an amazing trip as we soaked in the culture, art, history, architecture and the scenic beauty of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The sea, numerous lakes and the greenery, the waterfalls and a boat ride in

Enjoy silent moments …..

This beautiful planet of ours - the Earth- is full of wonderful sounds which are pleasing to the ears.The sound of the ocean waves, waterfalls and the gushing streams, chirping of the birds, buzzing of the bees are a few such examples.   With the increasing human population and as new inventions