Be Creative…. Be Happy

EveryoneWP_20150609_001 wants to be happy. Happiness is an emotional state of well being defined by positive and pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to joy. There are various ways of achieving happiness… creativity is one of them. A strong connection has been established between creativity and happiness.

All people are not born with a creative bent of mind but can learn to be creative. Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas. You have to search inside yourself to find out your kind of creativity which matches with your personality. In todays stressful times colouring books for adults are becoming very popular as they act as stress-busters.

Different people have different talents. Writing, dancing, drawing, painting, knitting, quilting, crocheting, baking, solving a puzzle are all a few of the many ways of being creative.

There are many benefits of being creative. It enhances the feeling of well being. When you are creating something, you are so involved and engrossed in that work – so much so that you may lose track of time, you’ll forget hunger, pain, tiredness, etc. You will be focused on completing the project at hand. You won’t know how time flies. Creative people can never complain of boredom.

Being creative reduces stress and can help in coping with chronic illness and chronic pain.It improves the mental health, makes one feel rewarded as it allows expression of emotions. It keeps us occupied and makes us more mindful helping us to live in the moment.

Just as creativity breeds happiness, likewise happier people become more creative. Because only when the mind is free from cluttered thoughts you get new ideas.

You should not aim for perfection. Make and keep making. Do not be afraid to fail… fear will curtail creativity. As Kurt Vennegent said  ” To practice any art – no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. SO DO IT.”

Some doctors are trying to add creative sessions of art/ music/ dance, etc. in the therapeutic programmes for chronic sufferers of pain.It is proving to be of immense help as it reduces stress, increases confidence, rejuvenates and relaxes the mind. It is almost meditative and brings inner peace.

It is great for stay at home moms too as it drives away loneliness and boredom apart from keeping them busy. Doing something creative everyday keeps us happy, broadens our thought process and defeats ageing by adding spice to life. It brightens our day.

So pick up a creative trait and DO IT—- No more looking back. You will find happiness in whatever you create or do wholeheartedly.

Be happy !!!




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  1. I truly agree that creativity is remedy for blues.
    It can help people get over feeling of depression.

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