Be like the Bougainvillea …..

bougainvillea-bush1The sight of trees like Gulmohur and Amaltas in full bloom during the hot summer months is always wonderful. There is another plant that grows in parks, on the roadside, in the terrace gardens and balconies of homes whose fresh and vibrant colours always attract my attention and lift my mood – the Bougainvillea. It blossoms in an array of vivid colours from the white to pink, red, magenta, orange, yellow, purple and all hues and shades in-between.
The bougainvillea somehow always inspires me and I believe we can learn a few lessons from this humble flowering plant. These are my thoughts and I am sure you can add more…
– it teaches us to be tolerant because it generally grows in dry, warm conditions. It gives the best flowers with the sun beating down as though telling us to give our 100% in the most trying situations if we want to succeed.
– it promotes a sense of cheerfulness and hope due to its unfading bright colours.
– this ornamental plant with delicate paper-like flowers is actually quite tough and hardy, requiring very little care and water once it is planted suggesting that even with the least of support, we should be mentally strong so as to live well without demanding much attention specially as we age.
– the sight of these flowers soothes our eyes in the scorching sunlight inspiring us to do good always as it may help someone unknowingly.
– Bougainvillea generally flowers round the year – it does not wait for a particular season. Likewise we must find reasons to be happy all the time without waiting for any special occasion – we wait for a pleasant happening to smile but happiness says “Keep smiling- I will always be with you”.
– just the way the Bougainvillea creeper climbs over other less good looking trees and makes them look beautiful, we need to ensure we provide cover to people in times of need and always make them look good
– it also teaches us to be adjusting and adaptive by virtue of the fact that it blossoms with ease in different climates and soil conditions across the globe
– thorns along with flowers are like sorrow and joy. We have a choice to be happy and joyful even in adverse conditions.
These are a few of my learnings from this ever flowering, colourful plant. Next time you happen to pass by a bougainvillea plant, do spare a moment to admire its beauty and draw inspiration from it.
Be happy …