Locked out and logged out in the LOCKDOWN…..

It passed away on 6th April 2020….slowly…. the last few hours were a struggle inspite of being on the ventilator (plugged in). Its reading kept declining from 26% at around noon to 3% at 9 PM. By then it was too late. Just couldn’t be revived and it passed away silently at 10:10 PM (0% was the reading ). No, it did not die due to COVID-19. It would have turned three in July 2020. But sadly that was not to be. It was my constant companion on my walks, in the clinic, in the kitchen, on my holidays, on flights and trains, in the car, when I went shopping. Here, there and everywhere. I couldn’t think of venturing out without it. It

Time to say bye to “The Little Red Dot”

22 months have flown by so soon. We are heading back to NOIDA, India after a wonderful stay in Singapore - a country that is so safe and secure, clean, green and pollution-free with a pleasant urban environment. Abundant lush greenery can be seen all along the roadsides and built-up areas. There are numerous parks and nature reserves with very well conserved biodiversity making it easy for people to walk, run, cycle everywhere. Singapore has transformed itself from being a "Garden City" to "City in a garden". As our residence was near the East Coast Park, we had the advantage of  going on walks to witness the magnificent sunrises and sunsets with scenic view of the sea and sandy beaches.     Our apartment

One year in Singapore — and loving it !

It has been one year since we moved to Singapore from India - our first experience as an Expat. There was apprehension and tension with excitement while relocating as we were embarking on a new life in a new country. Soon after arriving in Singapore all these anxieties were put to rest as we figured out that it is an easy place to get used to and very safe and secure. Also with our son already studying in Australia, we were happy to have come closer to him. In India I was busy with my homoeopathic clinic. But here I decided to give my profession a break ( and I must tell you - I am not missing it ) and took

The Ultimate Giver

Very few can match her desire to give. She has given love and care, guidance and hope, smile and happiness to each and every person she has met for as long as I can remember. She is THE ULTIMATE GIVER..... As a teacher, she teaches many unknown children from the slums who come to her regularly for the past many years. She gives them books and stationary, pays their school fees if they are unable to do so and also rewards them when they do well in their studies. She is so devoted when teaching ... giving them full attention although they are of different ages and grades. She does all this lovingly no matter how busy her day had been. As a Homoeopathic

Run and be Happy

Taking part in a run / marathon is a wonderful experience. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel rejuvenated besides keeping you fit and healthy. I recently completed my second run of the year - first Pinkathon 9 ( 3 km ) in Sept.2015 and now The Great Delhi Run ( 6 km ) at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in Nov 2015. On both occasions it dawned on me that the awesome positive vibes around gave all the runners an amazing sense of happiness. So many people of all ages and backgrounds running together - all focused and participating on their own free will - no compulsions whatsoever - running with the crowd where everyone has just one goal in mind

my attitude…..

One of the determining attributes I look for while recruiting is attitude. Not to undermine ability and brilliance as crucial ingredients for success. Clearly brilliance alone does not matter but what you actually do with that brilliance, how you put it to use is the big differentiator. And application is always a function of attitude – affirmative attitude that seperates life’s winners from losers. Isn’t it then hugely comforting that we have the ability to choose our attitude – almost on a daily basis. It is a mindset and research has indicated that our mind works like a switch. You can OFF it to literally become a bundle of gloom and negativity or ON it to spread cheer, happiness and positivity

Reunion …..

One phone call from a long lost college colleague (I was hearing from her for the first time in 25 years) transported me back to the days spent in college. The campus, all my friends, exchanging notes to complete our files and registers, the professors, mass bunking to watch a movie, night duties in the hospital during internship and the numerous cups of tea sipped with friends sitting in the winter sun after the OPD — all flashed in front of my eyes. Now there was a chance to meet some of these colleagues after a gap of 25 years ( I was in touch with only a couple of them). This was not to be missed. A quarter of a century

just a glass of milk…..

Wish you all a very joyous festival season. Hope you have wonderful celebrations and all that you cherish and desire may become yours! While there are so many, many people in the world, amazing how we keep meeting the ones we know so often. And a great learning in life therefore is – be always nice to people. No matter how adverse the situation, how difficult the circumstances. The recent past has made me marvel at the proverb “what goes around comes around” even more. Philosophy of Karma in a way! A little bit of kindness, a small good deed, putting a smile on someone’s face… Everything goes a long way in improving the happiness quotient. A recent true story I read reinforced my convictions. One day, a

2011, the year of TLC…..

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very joyous and prosperous new year 2011. May all your dreams become a reality and may you achieve tremendous success and peace! Would have loved to wish you on 1st January but celebrations to welcome the new year simply extended..... Resolutions for the new year have almost become a thing of the past. One often hears they are meant to be broken and so why even attempt to make them. For me, resolutions seem like a commitment to myself towards some improvement. Since a commitment to self is of the highest level, I do make them. And if they are compelling enough, chances are you will be driven to accomplish. The world is witnessing amazing changes. While you may argue with merit that

Enjoy silent moments …..

This beautiful planet of ours - the Earth- is full of wonderful sounds which are pleasing to the ears.The sound of the ocean waves, waterfalls and the gushing streams, chirping of the birds, buzzing of the bees are a few such examples.   With the increasing human population and as new inventions and innovations take place we are living in a NOISY world these days as the sounds of nature are being replaced by the sounds of aircrafts, music systems,televisions, automobiles and added noises due to various construction activities in the cities and towns. Generally people would like to enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening after work to relax. But everyday stress, driving in traffic, attending to numerous phone calls, loud blaring music in the