Be Creative…. Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is an emotional state of well being defined by positive and pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to joy. There are various ways of achieving happiness... creativity is one of them. A strong connection has been established between creativity and happiness. All people are not born with

Be like the Bougainvillea …..

The sight of trees like Gulmohur and Amaltas in full bloom during the hot summer months is always wonderful. There is another plant that grows in parks, on the roadside, in the terrace gardens and balconies of homes whose fresh and vibrant colours always attract my attention and lift my

count your marbles…..

So much of what we accomplish in our life is due to the selfless support and immense sacrifices of the immediate family – our spouse and children. Almost impossible to make any meaningful progress in the absence of that. Not sure if this fact has dawned on you, even more

retired, but not tired …..

We were  in Scandinavia recently for a 10 - day long vacation. It was an amazing trip as we soaked in the culture, art, history, architecture and the scenic beauty of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The sea, numerous lakes and the greenery, the waterfalls and a boat ride in

dance in the rain…..

Life is a continuous roller coaster ride. Moments when you are really upbeat and others when you are not. Times of great happiness, fulfilment and triumph interspersed with difficult down and out situations. Sustainability in tough times is a matter of resilience for sure. And the boost for that resilience, its source, often is the unflinching

what a revelation…..

I had the privilege of being present at the Silver Jubilee Reunion of my batch from BITS Pilani over the last weekend. Boy, was it worthwhile! What a rocking time we had. Almost as if the clock had turned back to the years when we were on the campus. The relationship bonds that get created

Dealing with teenagers …

  Dealing with teenagers in today's world is one of the most challenging  tasks of bringing up children. Nearly all of them go through behavioral changes , become adamant , have incessant demands and are defiant - making it difficult for parents to understand them and converse with them.  Inculcating good values in them