Enjoy silent moments …..

This beautiful planet of ours – the Earth- is full of wonderful sounds which are pleasing to the ears.The sound of the ocean waves, waterfalls and the gushing streams, chirping of the birds, buzzing of the bees are a few such examples.   With the increasing human population and as new inventions and innovations take place we are living in a NOISY world these days as the sounds of nature are being replaced by the sounds of aircrafts, music systems,televisions, automobiles and added noises due to various construction activities in the cities and towns.

Generally people would like to enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening after work to relax. But everyday stress, driving in traffic, attending to numerous phone calls, loud blaring music in the markets,etc.takes a toll on our health.That is why people opt for going to relatively remote and quiter places for a vacation where they can enjoy the nature and spend some time peacefully in serene surroundings. This is because we all enjoy silence for some time. When we are silent we can listen better and our other senses of smell, taste, touch etc.become more accentuated.

It  is quite interesing to note that when we rearrange the alphabets of  SILENT, the word we get is LISTEN.

Silence is golden is an old adage and the benefits of silence have been advocated by sages and seers and yogis since ages.

The positive effects of being silent  are many – it calms us down ; it increases our power to listen and comprehend with a clear mind ; it allows us to think deeply; increases concentration; makes us stressfree and relaxes us;  increases self awareness; helps us spiritually and also saves so much of our energy.

All humans love to talk as long as we get someone to hear us out. But actually we must only speak as much as is necessary. Also, being silent when  others are speaking gives us time to think before we speak and to respond to the speaker correctly.

The activities of life have to go on – we cannot stop the noises around us. But we can enjoy a few silent moments everyday – savour its relaxing and rejuvenating effects on our bodies and mind allowing calmness and tranquility to take over us.



4 thoughts on “Enjoy silent moments …..

  1. This is such a great write up. 10 minutes in silence can change our quality of life. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Silence of self and surroundings also lead to silence of thoughts in your mind . This is so important as thoughts of- success vs failure, of evaluating alternatives almost ceaselessly, of continuous mental endeavours of finding peace and happiness, tax and strain your emotional and mental faculties. Once that happens, you can delve deep, can do some soul searching, can attain contentedness and can get connected with inner self without worries, anxities and needless deliberations. This may lead to becoming a fully integrated human being. Though the topic is different but I am unable to resist my temptation of linking of fully integrated human being to leadership, as the Leadership Guru Warren Bennis Believes. Leadership has a multi-faceted persona and in all domains- moral, social, political and of course, corporate.

    Let the Silence prevail….

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