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letterI feel blessed to have had a wonderful childhood. Memories of those carefree days are deeply etched in the mind. My parents always laid stress on inculcating good habits and values in us for which they devoted a lot of quality as well as quantity time with my brother and me. Every night after dinner the four of us would go for a walk – a time we all looked forward to and eagerly waited for. My father would do mental maths with us, there would be spelling and word meaning sessions and then he would tell us about the books he was reading and would narrate stories from them. What a delightful togetherness!

Life had fewer distractions. Absence of computers, mobile phones and video games meant more family time together. Of the numerous things that I learnt from my parents, one was letter writing. Communication at that time was only through letters which we received regularly from my aunts and uncles who resided in various parts of the country. Letters kept us informed about their well being and new developments in their lives. My parents encouraged us to write to them. Gradually, on seeing my parents corresponding with our relatives regularly, I also got interesed. I think this was a great thing to learn as it kept me connected to everyone in the family.

Later on when I got married, I started writing lettes to my husband’s family as well. One of his aunts was very thrilled with this beginning and would always reply as soon as my letter reached her and thus the chain of letters would continue. Others always acknowlegded and appreciated and while not everyone would write back, I still kept writing to them. Letters from  my family came regularly. Rajiv used to joke that all they have written is – we are fine, how are you – and now you would respond with the same questions. Little realizing that those few sentences meant such a lot  – that we cared for and thought about each other – and that  is why we wrote.

In today’s times landlines / mobile phones / internet / e-mail have become popular and very affordable. Letter writing has almost vanished. Now each one is just a phone call away, no matter where he or she lives on this planet. I make it a point to pick up the phone and stay connected with my relatives, calling them on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, when the are unwell or even otherwise whenever I feel like chatting with them. It gives me immense pleasure in doing so because I actually visualize the smile on their faces (specially the family elders) as we speak. In a way it keeps me connected to my roots and allows me to refresh my cherished memories.

I feel that it is very important to stay connected with our immediate as well as extended family members to share our thoughts and ideas and stay bonded as they are such an important and integral part of the fabric of our life.

 The means of communication might have changed over the years but the feeling of connection remains the same — to convey a sense of thoughtful care!

happy connecting – dil se!


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  1. Yo i love your blog, found it while randomly surving a couple days ago, will keep checking up please do visti mine if you wish :). Btw yesterday i was having troubles reaching the site. Cya…

  2. Very well said. In fact as I think about it and sense that the best thoughtful expressions come thru’ letters/written notes only.The other forms of communication has its own utility in terms of its instantaneousness and to give an analogy is a fast food but letter writing and especially receiving one gives the flavour of home made food cooked with lot of love & emotions and the taste of which lingers on – to continue with the same analogy.I nostalgically recollect that the letters written by my father while I was studying in hostel helped me best to understand his concerns and aspirations for us ( his children ) in a much more complete way than ever before. I intend to do the same with Divyansh ( my son ) one day and hope he realizes the worth and value this the same way as I have.

  3. Ruchi
    Truly said.we are blessed to have such parents.I think while writing a letter your thinking process is more than while chatting.I do envy your walks with Mamaji and Mamiji.Recently reading her letter was a stamp to your thoughts.

  4. I cannot agree more. Even if the loved and dear ones are just a call away, the letter has it’s own charm, suspense and eagerness to read. It’s like the old negative films we used in traditional cameras where there was suspense when you would print them and eagerly wait to see how the pictures came, in case of digital cameras you woudn’t worry about composing the picture well and delete the bad ones – no excitement and no waiting.

    Similarly, when you write a letter (mind you on a piece of paper), not on computer, you have to think and write and compose the sentence in your mind. I tried writing something a few days ago on a piece of paper, it took me a while to adjust and had to think hard unlike typing on a computer where you can type anything and then later correct it. I was also surprised to see that my hand writing has become so bad because I hardly write anything in these days.

    Even though I speak with my dad quite often on the phone, but if there is something serius to be communicated he still uses a letter to write and he never forgets to send a postal greeting card on my birthday which is still the best gift I receive every year, but I never send him a greeting card or a letter.

    Ruchi ji, you have inspired me to do the same, for a change I will send him a greeting card on his birthday for sure.

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