hang in there …

hang_in_thereIn a cricket test match between England and West Indies, Bob Willis was bowling to one of my all time favourites Viv Richards.

Being new to the crease Viv was taking time to settle down and a few balls just whizzed past him, a clearly uncomfortable and struggling Viv.

Bob walks upto him, looks into his eyes and says;

“it is round in shape and red in colour and weighs 5.5 ounces”.

A couple of overs later Viv smashed the ball outside the ground. Quietly and assuredly, he walks upto Bob;

“Maan, you know what it looks like, now go fetch it”.

What a delightful way to stamp your authority on the ocassion!

Such is the way of life. Situations never stay the same and the difference in the outcome is created by our own desire and ability to stick it out and grind during the not so favourable times.

Your moment comes sooner than you would expect – perfect time to strike!!

And then there is that famous saying on tough situations……people etc etc – you all know that one for sure, don’t you!

Have a wonderful festival weekend!


14 thoughts on “hang in there …

  1. Hi Rajeev,

    Congratulations and very well written and motivating.

    Look forward to reading more and keep them coming.


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