I-can-lead or can-I-lead?

A perinial question on my mind.  I can lead (with a conviction) or can I lead (with a question).  I would submit that every one of us can do both.

I can lead – in every way.  One does not have to have direct reports to be a leader.  One can lead at home, on streets, and every where.  At home if one is father or mother, brother or sister, or for that matter a relative.  As a parent you lead by example, you lead your kids to better life and propsperity.  As a brother or sister you lead your sibling (even though you may not be elder) by engaging sometimes even unknowingly.  On the streets, a simple act of picking up litter (or rather not dropping litter non-challantly) is also an act of leader.

Can I lead?  I may not want to be leader but all of us are leaders in our own way.  Some lead consciously and some “unconsciously”.  I define unconsciously in this case as involuntarily and unknowingly.  I know that for some people leadership is an involved process whereas for some it is in every day way of life.

Which one are you?

Do drop in comments on your everyday leadership.

4 thoughts on “I-can-lead or can-I-lead?

  1. In our personal lives we can do a lot to be “leaders” by setting examples to our children as you have mentioned.

    I have made it a point that whenever buy something new for myself or my house,I try to take out something which has been used by us [clothes / utensils,etc.] and give it to someone who is not so fortunate as myself – to be able to buy new things.
    My son has also picked up this habit and believe me it is so fulfilling to see him do the same for a worthy cause and enjoy the joy of giving.

    “Unconsciously” I have led him to do this and it makes me feel good.

  2. Great Points.

    I think leadership is not a style, but its a habit. And if you acquire this habit, then it does not matter, if you have an ecosystem to influence, or you are all by yourself.

    Just Imagine… when its a tough situation and chips are down…keep your head high, and give your best, and that is what would make you a different person …. you emerge as a true leader, who can influence people & the entire ecosystem around him.

  3. The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.


  4. Hi Rajiv – nice to come across this blog. I believe its very pertinent to get more people into this conversation.

    I believe leadership is at the core – “who you are” as a person really. People follow others who they believe in. Yes – a person can hold a formal leadership position – and yet not really be a “leader”. Similarly, someone lower down the formal ranks of organisation could be someone looked up to by people.

    Personally for me, leadership is about following ones deepest beliefs – regardless of whether its the conventionally accepted thing or not. Its about having the courage to chart a different course, because you believe thats right. If people get inspired by it and you develop a following as a leader, its an incidental consequence.

    Will keep dropping by here. Do keep writing.


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