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A recent first time manager, this friend of mine was faced with a very interesting situation. On the fast track, you got to meet her to realise how remarkably focussed she is, taking lots of initiatives and just moving everything and everyone to get stuff done.  Loves being in control, in complete know of all that is relevant. These attributes came very naturally to her and contributed largely to her elevation. Simply superb, what more could one ask for!

Unfortunately just about 6 months into the position, all began to go horribly wrong. Performance numbers trending south, lower customer satisfaction and team health index. Determined to set things right, she decided to get back to her old ways, work harder and tougher, drive and do more of the same – after all that had been her tried and tested success mantra and she thought she had every reason to stay the course.

The outcome of her efforts is not very difficult to imagine.

Such situations abound and are so prevalent across many organisations all the time. The turnaround requires exactly the opposite behaviour. Step back, observe and absorb more, let the members take over. Instead of providing all the answers, ask intelligent thought provoking questions – the team will figure out the answers and go out charged to accomplish more. It also helps if you can expose your own vulnerabilities and create a network of dependencies of skills within the team. I can develop on this aspect in a later post.

Often construed to be same as delegation, it is far deeper and more about self restraint and self discipline -managing self.

Let go – as much as you can and as fast as you can.

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PS :  not cleared to share the name of the person or the organisation.

3 thoughts on “Let go……

  1. It’s truly all about loving to exercise control over our surroundings. Most managers love to display their authority over their subordinates . They try to add too much value as they suffer from a syndrome of an excessive need to be ‘ME’. There are 4 success beliefs- that we have the skills, the motivation, the confidence and the free choice to succeed . These beliefs makes us self obsessed.
    These are challenges in interpersonal behaviors. They try to tell the world how smart they are and tend to claim credit for what they don’t deserve.

    But it’s actually more about creating a network of relationships that help to get things done. There has to be a willingness to share leadership, empowering team members and leading change.
    Being forward looking- envisioning possibilities in a shared view of the future is the attribute that distinguishes leaders from managers.

    At the end of the day it is more about the effective use of power and politics . A manager’s power comes from helping others accomplish their tasks.
    Too much power leads to competition but empowerment leads to cooperation. Trusting people enough to let go builds people’s confidence and ensures that e are responsible to do their job well.

  2. One of the sublime quality of a leader is to build and nurture the best leaders within his own team/teams.

    It is this innate ability to let the team memebers within the team take leadership roles for the areas they’re respnsible for , let them hone their ability to tackle crisis situations, help them develop an ability of seeing big picture and creating strategic orientation, which sets apart a geart visionary leader from the others.

    Simply put, a best leader is the one who builds the best leadership team.This again is backed up by creating a culture of all embracing meritocracy ,encouraging and facilitating decision making and improving executional excellence.

    Amongst the various precious attributes a leader possesses, this one will allow him to build a pipeline of talent which will continue to deliver outstanding business value in every stakeholder engagement.This at times, will make a leader allow others take centrestage and hog the limelight but this is what will allow him as well to focus his scarce time on tapping into what the management guru C.K Prahlad calls disruptive business models which can alter the economics of the industry and enlarge the size oft the market.

    Sincerely hopes that this often understated quality will get all the recognition it deserves and will get manifested in all leaders who want to leave a great legacy behind.

  3. I think Attitude is the most important word according to me it is the foundation of success.I think if we want to build and maintain a positive attitude, we should get into the habit of living in the present and doing it now.What time is it and where are we?The answer is now and we are here.Let’s make the best of now and utilize the present.


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