Locked out and logged out in the LOCKDOWN…..

It passed away on 6th April 2020….slowly…. the last few hours were a struggle inspite of being on the ventilator (plugged in). Its reading kept declining from 26% at around noon to 3% at 9 PM. By then it was too late. Just couldn’t be revived and it passed away silently at 10:10 PM (0% was the reading ).

No, it did not die due to COVID-19.

It would have turned three in July 2020. But sadly that was not to be.

It was my constant companion on my walks, in the clinic, in the kitchen, on my holidays, on flights and trains, in the car, when I went shopping. Here, there and everywhere. I couldn’t think of venturing out without it. It was my recording studio, my “go-to-friend” when alone, when I wanted to do a crossword puzzle, play a word game, check the weather, catch up with the news / score, wish someone a Happy Birthday !!

It will be missed. Sob !! Sob !!

I’m talking about my dear mobile phone whose battery just conked off leaving me locked out and logged out in the lock down!
For sometime I could not imagine what I would do without it. It was a scary feeling – no way to communicate, to stay connected as we don’t have a landline connection at home. It would have been devastating.

Thankfully as luck would have it – my hubby had an old, used instrument with him which came handy. My SIM was transferred into it. Lo and behold !! it sprung to life. (They say “old is gold” and it proved so right ).
It was like the AATMA — read SIM— shedding its old body [L6] and taking birth in a new one [Experia]. After all we do believe in rebirths in our country. Don’t we ???

Well, I’m still getting used to the new instrument, downloading the apps, the keyboard looks different, so does the home screen (After all it is a new body). It will take a while to get in the zone with the new [old] instrument. But certainly happy to have one without which I would have probably gone into depression and wouldn’t have been able to post this obituary.
Also my laptop is at present in a critical condition, holding on at 15% battery life…. I hope it survives till the lock down is lifted so that it can be rescued.

Ruchi Srivastava

12 thoughts on “Locked out and logged out in the LOCKDOWN…..

  1. Ruchi well said.moving beyond is the way.
    We will miss u too.Wish u all the best wishes for great beginning.Wish u more good work n lots of chill time with crochet.

  2. Hi Ruchi congratulations on your new journey.
    Enjoy your stay in Singapore. These days nothing is far we are living in such times you can be with your loved ones any time of the day.make new friends and explore the world. Touch more lives
    Old friends and family will always be there.
    Keep in touch.

  3. Very endearing and eloquent Didi. We will miss your physical presence here ….
    Best wishes for your quick assimilation into the new country and society.

  4. Congratulations didi.Its a new shift and change in all your lives to probably explore and see beyond “your comfort zone”.i am sure as your personality is you will create another ZONE of your own.Lots of good luck👍

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