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work pressureDuring my college days of engineering and management, I realised that my mind was most sharp and absorbent closest to the examination day. Almost as if the pressure of exam deadline inspired a great sense of what was important and what could be ignored and stimulated the brain to function at a far higher capacity than otherwise. I cultivated this syndrome carefully and relied on its immense power to see me through those tough study years, as I am sure a lot of you would have done too!

Even at work a certain amount of pressure equips you with that unique creative edge to get you through trying and difficult times. Just that going beyond a limit can have consequences at personal and professional levels. Unfortunately in the recent times this pressure situation has extended in time period and deepened in intensity manifolds. Organisations are now expected to deliver and deliver…….more with less, higher revenue with reduced resources, in shorter timeframes, at lower costs etc etc. All of this with little sensitivity or coaching for the employee! And if you do not step up, there are many options to choose from and some of them are obviously not the most pleasant.

Welcome to the new economy workplace! I have met so many people over the last few months, utterly uncomfortable at the application of this pressure on them, at the seemingly unrealistic demands of their leaders. Low morale, wasted energy in side conversations, lower output, a general state of unhappiness and a willing desire to jump employers is the outcome. The seniors/leaders do not get it at all, they are far removed from the real world, do not care for me – is the common refrain.

There are many ways to handle this situation and be above and beyond – to maintain a sense of balance, tranquility and inner peace.  Let me suggest a few and I am sure you all will then add many more to increase to the richness of solutions :

– your thoughts on the magnitude of unfinished jobs is quite often the cause of stress. Make a written list of all that you have to do, break the big ones into a few small tasks. Prioritise and execute those with focus and determination. The mere act of this dissection has such a calming influence that instantly lightens the mind and alleviates the pressure. For me, the moment the list gets done, I feel so much better and relieved! 

– think simple and positive, be deliberate and take time to react. In the matrix organisations and structures of today, instructions come from many sources and from all directions – your deliberation will help to distinguish music from noise, sense from nonsense

– focus on activities – what you do – instead of being driven for results alone. You seldom have a control on the outcome and therefore control what you can – your high quality input. That generally leads to superior results. Isn’t this the timeless Gita gyan!

– as a leader of people, trust that everyone is stretching to the maximum they can. Therefore question the activities with the objective of guiding focus on the right ones. Great time to coach and mentor and build bonds

– investing time on your hobby is a great stress buster and so develop on it or acquire one if you do not yet have!

Please contribute your wisdom and experiences to add to the above 5 point formula. Just to level set, everyone goes through such moments. Multiple times and more frequently than one would imagine or like to. Your mindset and approach will be the differentiator for your inner peace and happiness!!

have a great weekend….


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  1. To add on the Inner Peace and to take the indulgence in hobby a little forward , my personal experience says the the heavy word ” Meditation” has to step in, its often ask what should you do in meditation, the answer is you should not do any thing in meditation, just be “aware” and “awake”.

    – Sitting quitely with eyes closed and being aware and awake of the incoming and outgoing breath from the body,

    practising this simple technique every day regularly preferably in the morning for time suited to oneself adds on to the tranquility and inner peace….make this your hobby !!

    ( this is easier said than done in our fast paced life…:-)


  2. thanks Rajiv for sharing some of the secrets of your success!

    on the point about “unfinished jobs”…..our Vedic wisdom teaches that “man dos not tire of the quantum of work, but tires when he considers it a burden and therefore does it irregularly”

  3. To put it the other way….be prepared to be “cornered” to increase your chances of getting to the “corner room”…!!!

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