Moving beyond the COMFORT ZONE

Ever since the decision to move to Singapore has been taken, there has been an overwhelming mixture of emotions and reactions in our minds.

The delight of Rajiv moving to a bigger role in his professional career; happiness of shifting to a safe, clean, pollution-free environment; moving closer to our son Samarth ( who is presently studying in Australia) ; looking forward to a new lifestyle
The apprehension, anxiety and palpable tension of going to a new country with a different culture; not many friends or relatives; new work environment; the sadness of leaving our home where we have been staying for the past 10 years. The wonderfully maintained, peaceful gated apartment complex where all our daily needs are met easily within the campus itself has become our COMFORT ZONE.

As a doctor and with my clinic being at my residence, I am used to people/ patients calling me up regularly and coming over not only for consultation and medication but also to chat and discuss their problems. I have always tried to give them enough time and listen to them patiently. Now that they have come to know that I am relocating, they are expressing their concern / sadness / happiness – all together. I never imagined that I would be touching so many lives. Their loving comments and misty eyes while wishing me well show their affection. I am deeply moved and appreciative of their love.

Apart from this, the touching and emotional farewell given to Rajiv at his office by his colleagues and staff was an awesome experience.Everyone spoke with their voices choking…be it the security guard, housekeeping in-charge, his partners, team members, etc. In fact I was privileged to be a part of the farewell to see the incredible respect, love and fondness everyone had for Rajiv. It is a blessing to have so many wonderful people around us.

An important part of our COMFORT ZONE are our fantastic NOIDA FRIENDS —- who have always been more like family than just friends. We have been together for each other at all times — good or not so good — and we trust and bank on each other for any kind of support that we need. Living in a new city without them would be a big challenge. They have been the heart and soul of our outings / weekends / Diwali /New year celebrations.

I will also miss my dear college friends and my wonderful neighbours with whom I interact regularly.

Our movement has come at a time when my brother and Bhabhi have moved back to India after staying in Australia for 22 years. In a way it is good that they will be around to take care if my parents need any help.

Also Rajiv’s dad who was staying with us for the last 17 years has had to temporarily shift to stay with Rajiv’s brother.

We will certainly miss our dear friends and family members but we shall always remain connected to them— thanks to the various modes of communication systems available in this age.

Such is life and the only way is to move on….. Change is constant and keeps happening every moment but we hardly realize it or take notice of it as long as we are in our COMFORT ZONE.

Moving beyond the comfort zone gracefully is the only way forward.


Ruchi Srivastava



12 thoughts on “Moving beyond the COMFORT ZONE

  1. Ruchi well said.moving beyond is the way.
    We will miss u too.Wish u all the best wishes for great beginning.Wish u more good work n lots of chill time with crochet.

  2. Hi Ruchi congratulations on your new journey.
    Enjoy your stay in Singapore. These days nothing is far we are living in such times you can be with your loved ones any time of the day.make new friends and explore the world. Touch more lives
    Old friends and family will always be there.
    Keep in touch.

  3. Very endearing and eloquent Didi. We will miss your physical presence here ….
    Best wishes for your quick assimilation into the new country and society.

  4. Congratulations didi.Its a new shift and change in all your lives to probably explore and see beyond “your comfort zone”.i am sure as your personality is you will create another ZONE of your own.Lots of good luckđź‘Ť

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