new learnings…..

My current job is waking me up to many leadership behavioural subtleties. Conflicting at times and almost always on the edge. How to be strong but not rude, be kind but now weak, bold but not a bully, be humble but not timid, thoughtful but not lazy, proud but never arrogant!
In fact, the key to a successful leadership today seems like INFLUENCE and not AUTHORITY. Use of positional power is turning out to be far less productive. After all people have emotions and super performance gets delivered through a heady combination of heart and passion!
Sustainability of organisations is increasingly becoming contingent upon the quality of leaders. The environment is so dynamic with things changing at such a frenetic pace that more and more leadership failings are becoming apparent. Let me attempt to cover a few :
1. Speed of decision making in matters of people. Best people on biggest opportunities is such a good mantra to go by. People who make the cut should be told and those that don’t should be told sooner. My personal experience is that any delay here can cause irreparable damage, both to the person as well as to the organisation.
2. Solve the tough issues. If leaders don’t, who else will! Idea is to take problems head on and provide appropriate management attention to morale, legal, personnel or any other matters with empathy and compassion. And all with a tremendous sense of urgency.
3. Take responsibility, blame no one. The buck stops here, you are the boss and so everything that happens is your responsibility. This mindset will make you feel like the owner of your business and encourage you to stretch and come up with meaningful innovation.
4. Delegate extensively, the more you delegate the better the outcomes will be. After all IF they are your team, they should be totally committed to your cause and therefore self driven to succeed. This will provide you with ample time to work on tasks that belong to you and no one else!
5. See the big picture, collaborate for success. Organisations are complex and more gets accomplished through impact and influence than command and control. That puts a serious premium on ability to work within and across groups. Need to rise beyond the immediate and visualise the larger goal instead of cherishing your own narrow accomplishments.
While there are many other patterns that can be attributed to a situation of decay, the above take priority given the times we are in.
Would you like to suggest a few more? That can help many budding leaders.
best wishes