One year in Singapore — and loving it !

It has been one year since we moved to Singapore from India – our first experience as an Expat. There was apprehension and tension with excitement while relocating as we were embarking on a new life in a new country.

Soon after arriving in Singapore all these anxieties were put to rest as we figured out that it is an easy place to get used to and very safe and secure. Also with our son already studying in Australia, we were happy to have come closer to him.

In India I was busy with my homoeopathic clinic. But here I decided to give my profession a break ( and I must tell you – I am not missing it ) and took up my hobbies of crochet, craft, art and music. Also tai-chi in the mornings and long walks keep me refreshed. I am enjoying every bit of it. I have also made new friends.

We have had many people – family, cousins and friends – visiting us which is so nice as it keeps us connected to everyone. Whoever visits Singapore finds it to be a wonderful place.This is a small but beautiful country with impressive architecture, blending of various cultures, variety of food options, friendly people and most importantly it is so clean and green that it is nicknamed “CITY IN A GARDEN”

I think it is our own attitude that makes us feel good/bad ; happy/sad. Wherever we are we should embrace the present and live in it happily. Enjoy today as it is and look forward to a wonderful future.


Ruchi Srivastava