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The charisma of Anna Hazare is for real! His simplicity, integrity and ability to lead from the front has drawn people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

He has proved to the world that leadership is not about power or money but being true to the mission. A mission which connects people all across, touches everyone’s lives and makes a difference to the community.

You would at times wonder the support you draw unconsciously from people just because you are unrelenting, selfless and championing the right cause. Team Anna has had no dearth of support in terms of basic necessities- food, water, shelter etc. as hundreds of people and corporates have contributed in cash and kind to the wellbeing of him and his followers. Did he demand for it? NO. His single point agenda, ability to reason , decision making and willingness to take risk has left an impression on all and sundry. Above all, this was executed under the ambit of law, not succumbing to violence.

There are learnings for all of us in the Corporate World too. How often do we find a leader who connects with every employee and demystifies the Mission and Vision Statement for everyone. Does he walk the talk. Can people stand by him in good times and bad times because of the impeccable faith in him.

The Corporate World too needs Team Anna. The Team we all can be proud to be a part of.

Nation behind Anna. Lets all rally behind a LEADER like him.

best wishes