positive strokes…..

My boss in an earlier organisation had this great gift of making the most serious of situations appear light and under control. Not to say he wasn’t driving us hard or that he was any easier to deal with. Just that his boundless enthusiasm and levels of energy would provide such an enormous amount of comfort that we always believed we would find our way out of the trickiest of spots! 

Work is tough, getting  more and more demanding. Employees are expected to deal with pressures of timelines, of the need to always deliver their best, manage personal relationships, pursue their passions, focus on career progression, maintain most pleasant behaviours etc etc. The list can be real long!

Depending on the economic cycle your organization is in, the office environment can be easy or edgy. Coming up trumps is a function of your temperament surely but often requires a supportive hand from all others. Let’s face it – there isn’t anyone who is energised and charged and over the moon all the time. People are bound to feel low every so often, perhaps a bit lonely and depressed, a little disenchanted and unsure of their positions. Happens to everyone and while the reasons could be numerous, you won’t gain much by dwelling on them. Just treat it as a reality of everyday life and figure out how to deal with it!

 Most working people with experience would realise the difference between an office that has a positive environment and one that doesn’t. A happy place has a higher productivity, more satisfied  workers, better morale and a lower turnover rate. As leaders of people, it therefore becomes a prime responsibility to do all that is possible to create a vibrant, positive place. My experience leads me to suggest a few steps to make a daily positive impact :

– Give a compliment – genuine praise is awesome, you can never under estimate the power of praise.  People like to know if their hard work is not only being noticed, but appreciated too. Understanding that they are doing their jobs well is a great motivator to keep up the good work. So take the time to appreciate your employees for the work they do, for their team spirit, good attitude, or anything else. And try to compliment in public!

– Display optimism – your own attitude, good mood, cheerfulness, positive outlook can create such a tremendous atmosphere. And mind you, such emotions rub on everyone around you – just the way a bad mood does – is contagious and has the impact of uplifting the entire office.  

– Never brood on the negatives – mistakes are inevitable, deadlines will be missed, sales calls will get messed up. Call attention and fix if these are frequent. A great habit is to spend only a moment to reflect on mistakes and quickly move on to focus on what to do next to become better – people have this inherent desire to improve!

– Just listen – sometimes people just want to vent or want someone to listen as they figure out things. No other help is solicited. Lend an ear, provide a shoulder and that can be of immense help to someone who wants to be heard.

– Crack a joke – amazing how a jovial remark can lighten up the place and perk us up…..specially when we are feeling a little low. A statement of depth, a comment that connects at an emotional level or even something plain stupid and out of context sometimes cheers us up. 

Surely each one of you must have your own recipe that fosters positivity and makes you and other people feel better every day. Over time you tend to get what you give and so you too will make it easier for yourself to live a more positive life in the long run.

Remember – as a leader, you have the power and ability to make a positive impact on your employees on a daily basis, enriching their lives in the process! 

A good question to ask yourself every day is – did I do my bit today



6 thoughts on “positive strokes…..

  1. Rajiv, This is just an awesome write up- simple and precise.Lessons in leadership are not that complicated and you have shown it.

  2. Positive thinking makes a lot of difference in one’s attitude.It is the key to achieve success in every aspect of life.Leaders ought to have this as the effect will rub on the teams they are leading

  3. Hi Rajiv,

    A very nice write up, and I do it everyday but I am not sure how many people follow these thing even when they know they should be doing.

    I just hope present leaders do all these to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


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