Reunion …..

One phone call from a long lost college colleague (I was hearing from her for the first time in 25 years) transported me back to the days spent in college. The campus, all my friends, exchanging notes to complete our files and registers, the professors, mass bunking to watch a movie, night duties in the hospital during internship and the numerous cups of tea sipped with friends sitting in the winter sun after the OPD — all flashed in front of my eyes.
Now there was a chance to meet some of these colleagues after a gap of 25 years ( I was in touch with only a couple of them). This was not to be missed.
A quarter of a century had gone by since we passed out from college but as soon as we met each other we were all hugging and laughing aloud, joking and screaming at the top of our voices as if those years between us had been erased. Nothing seemed to have changed barring a few wrinkles and pigmented faces and a few kilos lost or put on here and there. We were all lost in our world oblivious of the fact that we were standing in the centre of a marketplace with people were staring at us. But we were least bothered about anything else other than trying to know about each other.
We decided to sit down in a restaurant and exchange notes about our lives after college and also recollected the good old college days. Some of us have moved on to other professions while most are practising Homoeopathy very passionately. Everyone has been through various ups and downs in the journey of life – most of us are happy in our roles.
As we talked excitedly about our pasts and present, I could sense that we were all AT EASE with each other – no airs of any kind which was indeed heartening. Each one was enjoying THE MOMENT. It actually felt as if we were always connected, as if we were always together even though most of us were not in touch with each other. It was a great feeling.
It was a get-together in a real sense. Nothing official ( no cheque payments for a reunion and no sweat shirts in return, as generally happens in college reunions ) – just the effort of one person who took the initiative to contact others and floated the idea of meeting for lunch.It took less than a week to materialize as one and all were excited on hearing about this plan. Luckily most of those who were contacted made an effort to come despite the short notice.
What a great time we had – all of us were refreshed and rejuvenated in the little time we could spend together. A meeting we all will remember and savour forever.
best wishes