Run and be Happy

Taking part in a run / marathon is a wonderful experience. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel rejuvenated besides keeping you fit and healthy.

I recently completed my second run of the year – first Pinkathon 9 ( 3 km ) in Sept.2015 and now The Great Delhi Run ( 6 km ) at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in Nov 2015. On both occasions it dawned on me that the awesome positive vibes around gave all the runners an amazing sense of happiness.

So many people of all ages and backgrounds running together – all focused and participating on their own free will – no compulsions whatsoever – running with the crowd where everyone has just one goal in mind and that is to cross the finish line.

I found many people running in groups chatting with their fellow runners and some running alone in deep concentration… with their own thoughts. There are some serious runners who want to better their timings from the previous runs and hence are stretching their limits. Some are first time runners who have set goals for themselves just to complete the run ( for them the timing does not matter ) and feel the exhilaration of doing something they probably dreamt of for a long time. At that time the concentration was only on running – people actually forgetting their day to day stresses and struggles – the energy there was fabulous.The atmosphere is positively charged because all the participants believe in themselves and are living in the moment.

Whatever is done whole heartedly with determination and inner self motivation has to be rated as the best and complete experience. That is what happiness is all about.

Keep running and be happy.