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learningSo much happens on any day. The environment around us is bustling with activity all the time providing opportunity  to observe and learn.

Often times our minds are programmed to take note of the not-so-good happenings. We readily spot those, comment on them in our own small groups and quickly move on. In a world packed with goodness, this surely leads to millions of lost instances to reinforce positive learning.

Through this post, I want to encourage sharing  of some of your most significant learings. Can be in any field – personal, professional working life, social interactions – whatever. Your experiences will be hugely valuable in making each one of us a better individual. Such a lot of collective wisdom is available!

Let me narrate one such lesson I picked in my first job more than two decades ago. I was a new joinee at Yamaha Motorcycle Division of Escorts Ltd, a GET (graduate engineer trainee). My manager made it a point to spend time with me every week to understand my progress and make his expectations clear to me. That usually happened on the first day of the week. For the rest of the week he would let me be but observe me very closely, take inputs from other people and was generally always near at hand. Scary thing in normal circumstances. Only after a few weeks did I get to understand his motive – his objective was to catch me doing things right and compliment me when we met.

That simple act gave me a whole lot of confidence in my abilities, something that I perhaps carry to this day. Catch people doing things right – they will turn out to be great assets!

Guys, please share your experiences. It will be absolutely priceless for the larger community.

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  1. A Train Journey
    This is a flashback to another generation. The memories are grainy and in black & white. A train journey just after the exams, and before the results are out – the best period in a students life. The train stops , scheduled promptly 2 hours after we began for an unscheduled halt. Looking outside the window is a huge maidaan with colorful high pitched activity going on – a sports day at a Kendriya Vidyalaya. I could see 2 teams saffron and green energetically jostling for the small spherical hemisphere which had generations of leatherite sewn on to it, being merrily kicked around. The teams comprised 6-8 year olds. There was something amiss though – there were not enough players in the saffron team, 7:3 and the ball was seemed to be hanging around the saffron goal for a life time. In such a scenario, the green jerseys were making a killing and the saffrons were just trying to help their goalie. The sports teacher then asked one of his senior players to step in and fix this situation. Suddenly the field looked much bigger as Superman took charge on behalf of the saffrons and unleashed his supernatural powers. He made sortie after sortie into the enemy camp all alone. The other 3 just hung near their goal and cheered Superman. The greens also stood still not knowing what to do or how they could help. Within 5 minutes, the cacophony had died down – all the kids, any color, were watching this Maradona’s avatar blazing on the field piling on the goals, like runs. Suddenly one kid with a green jersey left, followed quickly by two saffron jerseys and then two more greens and finally all of them hurdled out. Superman continued on his sorties, all alone. A short whistle sounded from near the engine and it was time to move on.
    And time to ponder before the next stop:
    -What made the kids lose interest and quit in ten minutes of the change? Did they chicken out or just lost interest?
    -Why did kids from the saffron team leave? They were the benefactors!
    -Was Superman not leading by example? It should have generated a sustained buzz, excitement and balance in the match?
    -What did Superman do wrong? He was playing his best soccer!
    -What did the sports teacher do wrong? He appointed the school’s best player to fix the imbalance!
    -What similarities from your workplace?

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