inspiration sources…..

InspireThere are three fundamental ways to get people to do things. You can coerce, motivate or inspire. While all the three methods find ample usage, this clearly seems like the era of inspiration where great outcomes are obtained through employees who believe in the underlying mission of the company.  

We all need to be inspired in order to accomplish something. It fuels our desire to reach for our dreams, to realise our potential. The sources for such inspiration are many and come in the smallest of forms, in the most obvious of places. Through people, nature or situations. Small doses of daily inspiration that produce a transformational impact or a single big defining moment. Just that tiny little spark every-so-often to keep you going!

It energises me to see Alok, in his mid sixties, working out in the gym everyday to stay fit. My mother’s kindness – sad that she is no more, miss her immensely – towards everyone in the neighbourhood has always guided me to try and be gentle and nice irrespective of the situation or the audience. Renudi’s constant re-invention of herself by doing new and innovative acts – painting, blogging, designing – teaches me to be a student forever. 

Perhaps inspiration comes from getting outside of our own little worlds, in connecting with people. Anything that has the impact of uplifting performance, creating a motivation to improve, of helping us become a better person!

Organisational leadership has a lot to do with inspiration and vision rather than straight forward technical competence. If there is one characteristic people desire of their leaders, it is the ability to Inspire. At the same time  most people do not believe their current leadership to be inspiring enough. They would think of their leaders as knowledgeable or ambitious or focussed, target oriented and Inspirational rarely figures on the list of adjectives.

An inspired and motivated workforce is essential for any business that hopes to stay ahead of the competition and produce consistent great results.  The best leaders promote a culture where people value themselves, each other, the company and the customer. Everyone knows how their work makes a difference and this helps build a commitment to higher standards. Clearly companies with inspiring leaders perform better.

It is obvious that the cost of this inspiration gap can be huge. So let me detail a few elements of Inspirational leaders :

– values and principles – deeply committed, courageous, demanding of themselves and their people and self confident. What sets them apart is an exceptional value system built on honesty, openness and true respect for their people. They become leaders by the quality of their actions and the integrity of their intent.

– purpose and communication: have a defining customer-focused vision of where the business should be going. Preferring plain speaking to jargon, they have a way of communicating the vision so that people feel they own it and know how and where they fit into it. 

– learning agility – they introspect and therefore have an unquenchable thirst to learn. Practitioners of genuine humility, they are not afraid to display their vulnerabilities. It is a highly endearing style of functioning

– empowerment with trust – they reach out and involve everyone. Have a real interest – almost a stake – in the well being of their teams. Such leaders ask their teams for means of improvement  and empower with resources. The connect contributes to fulfilling many of people’s emotional needs.

– work hard, play hard, always have fun:  Fun creates vibrancy, a buzz of energy and an easy environment to work in. It is a great driver of  innovation. In successful companies, people work hard but enjoy themselves in the process. That is such a positive upward spiral leading to sustained good performance!

In conclusion – Good leaders take you where you want to go, great leaders take you where you ought to be!

Like I said earlier, small or big is not of importance, anything that makes us a better individual. We all have moments and people that inspire us. Would you like to share what is yours’?

happy inspirations!