such is sachin…..


pol ldrshp“I am an extremely proud Maharashtrian but Mumbai is a part of India and and I play for India” said the one and only Sachin Tendulkar. And he continues “after donning the India cap, whatever I  have achieved subsequently is a mere reflection in the national cause.”

At a time when many of our so called political leaders have struggled to respond to this in-famous debate, the man himself in his own soft, simple yet extremely effective manner has attempted to settle the issue beyond discussion.

Salute Sachin, the courageous leader. A masterstroke of class!

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2 thoughts on “such is sachin…..

  1. The statement given by Sachin was definitely a very comendable one . every Indian citizen should stand up and applaud his statement. Unfortunately some petty political leaders are trying to disown him for not only him being a proud Indian citizen but also where every Indian Citizen is proud of his achievements.

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