give your 100%…..

Look around and you would encounter such a vast majority of population that is just not able to reach the heights their inherent capabilities would suggest they can. I have reflected quite a lot and ended up with a deduction that is almost a conviction now - perhaps the most secure and tested way of moving towards realising your full potential is by giving off your best in every situation - to your employer, employees, clients, family and friends. Organisations often have an extremely talented and capable but not necessarily the most motivated workforce. Employees conducting themselves with little enthusiasm and sense of purpose or commitment. You are bound to hear a lot of negativity coming out of such people - the organisation does not value me or my work, new and good ideas are not supported, no real appetite for any innovation. I am

dealing with mistakes…..

Whoever said they never made a mistake perhaps never tried anything! While success at work is often an outcome of how well you do your job, how you handle failure sets you apart and furthers career progression. Some of the most powerful lessons in life are learned from our failures or in difficult times. After having tried and made umpteen mistakes, Edison famously said "I have not failed, I have just discovered 10,000 ways that do not work". And when his factory was gutted by fire with much of the work still inside, he said "there is much value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt and we can start anew". While this is a matter of attitude, the learning that comes thru mistakes can hardly be