leadership incompetencies…..

While good leadership is the pivot for establishing superior organisations, it is rare and fact is that poor leadership surrounds us. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the tough times with any reasonable degree of assurance and that can clearly be ascribed to a certain leadership deficit. Incompetence is easy to recognise. Often a poor leader creates the perception of being busy and organized. Such leaders are focused more on their personal needs, on keeping their own jobs rather than on the professional needs of those below them. They have a hard time developing their employees. Managerial incompetence threatens to sink the organisation if unaddressed. The question is - how do we know when we are dealing with these flaw ridden individuals. I am sharing some tell tale signs that should start to ring the alarm


Over the past few months I have had the chance to meet with a lot of senior leaders across a variety of industries. Buoyed with improving top and bottom lines, I could sense a marked upswing in the enthusiasm levels. Wow, the business climate seems to be taking a decisive turn for the better, I deduced, and hence the return of the confidence.   Something in the discussions gave an impression of anxiety about the nature of the recovery - is it for real and for the long run or are there challenges that can stunt it one more time. I soon discovered the common theme of bother - how to get people in my organisation charged enough, sufficiently motivated to help sustain the growth momentum. Human capital being the most crucial ingredient of sustenance for