adding value…..

The higher you go in an organization, the more you need to make other people winners and not think so much about winning yourself. Perhaps you have lots more to gain by not winning at all.Successful practice of leadership is clearly about doing more of what you do well. Isn't it rather obvious to reinforce all that people like about you and your style!  Let me provide another perspective on good leadership - to stop behaviours that alienate potential allies, demoralise talented and committed people. Simply stated, eliminating bad habits that prevent you from becoming as successful as you could possibly be. These are not flaws of skills or limitations in intelligence that are too late to fix for a smarter you. They are behavioural flaws, annoyances that reduce

Dealing with teenagers …

  Dealing with teenagers in today's world is one of the most challenging  tasks of bringing up children. Nearly all of them go through behavioral changes , become adamant , have incessant demands and are defiant - making it difficult for parents to understand them and converse with them.  Inculcating good values in them is the only way to make sure that they grow up to be responsible individuals.There is a very thin line between too little discipline or a heavy handed approach to make them understand. Each child is unique and needs to be tackled in a different way. Teenagers need a supportive environment and parents should play an active role in providing it to them. Children should be praised and applauded for for