family connections…..

I feel blessed to have had a wonderful childhood. Memories of those carefree days are deeply etched in the mind. My parents always laid stress on inculcating good habits and values in us for which they devoted a lot of quality as well as quantity time with my brother and me. Every night after dinner the four of us would go for a walk - a time we all looked forward to and eagerly waited for. My father would do mental maths with us, there would be spelling and word meaning sessions and then he would tell us about the books he was reading and would narrate stories from them. What a delightful togetherness! Life had fewer distractions. Absence of computers, mobile phones and video games meant more family time together. Of

appreciate and bond…..

Relationships take a long time to build. A lot of patience, faith and trust in the other person over a period time - that can sometimes be years as well - is the key to building strong relationships. Strong bonding within the family, with people in the neighbourhood, with friends and at workplace is often a huge source of strength and stimulates performance, provides happiness.    Relationships can be very fragile if not cemented with love and understanding. Appreciating work done by others and encouraging them goes a long way in making bonds stronger. I am fortunate that my son Samarth, always has words of appreciation for the simplest of things I do for him and he likes.This could be as simple as a  well toasted slice of bread