2011, the year of TLC…..

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very joyous and prosperous new year 2011. May all your dreams become a reality and may you achieve tremendous success and peace! Would have loved to wish you on 1st January but celebrations to welcome the new year simply extended..... Resolutions for the new year have almost become a thing of the past. One often hears they are meant to be broken and so why even attempt to make them. For me, resolutions seem like a commitment to myself towards some improvement. Since a commitment to self is of the highest level, I do make them. And if they are compelling enough, chances are you will be driven to accomplish. The world is witnessing amazing changes. While you may argue with merit that

i care…..

One of my earlier posts has been dedicated to the concept of appreciating people around yourself - for what they are and what they do - as a great means of enhancing bonding, improving emotional connect and thereby leading to improved all round environment and performance. Human beings by their very nature tend to be critical. They look for areas of improvement in others, for things that are not done well enough and provide suggestions on how to correct those. While this is helpful, it has the implication of overlooking the inherent goodness in each one of us. We have to understand that people become great by playing to their strengths and thus our appreciation of such virtues, no matter how small they may appear to be, goes a long way in