incrementalism and change…..

Over the past few weeks I have had a chance to meet with some leaders whose current engagement at work involves dealing with a huge amount of change across a variety of functions. So even though one of the earlier posts had been dedicated to the subject of management of change, I am creating another one. Such situations

leading change…..

Vikas, a dear friend of mine,  is currently engaged in transforming a strong and successful but stagnant division he manages into a more agile, nimble footed, growth oriented and externally focused one. How familiar does this situation  appear to so many of us corporate folks! A much debated topic, change management is a phrase used very frequently but

catalyst for change…..

An article I read recently opened my mind to the dynamics that are dictating evolution of organisations into Next Gen Enterprises. I am completely convinced of the necessity to understand and appreciate these trends.  They will determine business success in the future besides putting a demand on leadership to align itself to continue to be meaningful and relevant.   Global economy

recruiting leadership for change…..

I am going to focus on this so critical but so less debated topic. People are the most important part of the transformation process. In times of change, strong senior leadership is crucial to steer an organisation through the inevitable upheavals it will encounter. Organisations cannot be changed without the support of