family connections…..

I feel blessed to have had a wonderful childhood. Memories of those carefree days are deeply etched in the mind. My parents always laid stress on inculcating good habits and values in us for which they devoted a lot of quality as well as quantity time with my brother and me. Every night after dinner the four of us would go for a walk - a time we all looked forward to and eagerly waited for. My father would do mental maths with us, there would be spelling and word meaning sessions and then he would tell us about the books he was reading and would narrate stories from them. What a delightful togetherness! Life had fewer distractions. Absence of computers, mobile phones and video games meant more family time together. Of


Communication is such a strategic tool for making things happen and generating business results. So many of organisational problems are a direct result of people failing to communicate effectively and enough. I know of an organisation that seemed like floundering - everyone had a different idea of what they were trying to achieve. Each department was headed in its own, self determined direction with little synergy as small fiefdoms and internal politics took its toll. A consultant was called to fix the problem. They met with employees and customers, analysed the findings and set up a meeting with the CEO. That is when the depth of the problem manifested itself. The CEO had been unwilling to communicate and share the overall vision and direction broadly across