positive strokes…..

My boss in an earlier organisation had this great gift of making the most serious of situations appear light and under control. Not to say he wasn't driving us hard or that he was any easier to deal with. Just that his boundless enthusiasm and levels of energy would provide such an enormous amount of comfort that we always believed we would find our way out of the trickiest of spots!  Work is tough, getting  more and more demanding. Employees are expected to deal with pressures of timelines, of the need to always deliver their best, manage personal relationships, pursue their passions, focus on career progression, maintain most pleasant behaviours etc etc. The list can be real long! Depending on the economic cycle your organization is in, the

Cheerfulness – the immunity booster …..

Would you like to boost your immunity ? Would you like to get rid of stress ? Well then apart from sleeping well, exercising and taking dietic supplements like Omega - 3, zinc etc. and eating probiotic foods, fruits and vegetables you need to be  CHEERFUL  . Being cheerful at all times may not be the easiest thing to do but it is not that difficult either if you give it a try . It is upto you to look at the positive side of everything and that should be enough to cheer you up. Above all it costs nothing! Being cheerful helps to eliminate stress and tension and reduces your chances of falling ill by boosting your immunity. It has been proven that people who are happy, contented