“A” players…..

A discussion on the topic of career progression with friends is an experience in discovery. Just last night Sandeep shared how his boss gave him a pass "you are not an A Player and unless you become one, it is career limiting forever!" One has often heard such hazy subjective explanations that have been responsible for plateauing the career graphs of many a committed and proven performer. In matters of people, being objective, transparent and clear in communication is such a virtue. If employees begin to believe that decisions are largely subjective or perception based, it causes immense damage to morale and performance which has the potential of destroying the very fabric of the organisation over time. That is a great leadership failure and the situation has been accentuated in recent times because of the short term contractual and outcome based recruitments at the top.   I

appraising performance…..

Managers usually consider performance appraisal as the formal way of measuring how well an employee has handled responsibilities and assignments during a given period of time. The significance is immense and the output can be used for a variety of purposes like compensation administration, career progression, disciplinary actions, assessing training needs etc. Clearly appraising and judging is one of the tougher parts of managing. Even though organisations profess merit as the sole criteria for rewarding, most systems do not work that straight and there is always a huge amount of subjectivity that inevitably creeps in. Given its mega potential to motivate or tick-off people, I have always considered this as one of the most crucial aspects of my job responsibility. A lot can be said and done when you sit across