never blame others…..

My apologies for writing after a long gap. Normally I try and do 3 to 4 articles a month and the last month was a complete miss due to some other preoccupations. Hope it never happens again. Some of you could say it is a matter of prioritisation and perhaps rightly

My experiences of leadership

In my last oraganisation I had this wonderful opportunity of leading a set of team members, all of whom, were either elder to me in age or were much more experienced in that industry. To add to this I had collegues who had children in colleges or  looking for jobs. I was

Pass the kindness

I have just had an experience thats been eye-opening and a big learning for me. Have you ever had an experience like the one in the image above ?..... well, thats not my car - but I had a very similar experience yesterday. Returning late at night from our gym, my wife and