never blame others…..

My apologies for writing after a long gap. Normally I try and do 3 to 4 articles a month and the last month was a complete miss due to some other preoccupations. Hope it never happens again. Some of you could say it is a matter of prioritisation and perhaps rightly as well. So I want to let you know I have my focus on it and will do my best never to have such a gap again. Interacting with young students of your own institute is such an energising experience. Their ideas are thought provoking and the discussions stimulating. Refreshing is the word. I was recently put into a spot in one such  interaction. The question - you spent 4 years at the institute, what has been the most

My experiences of leadership

In my last oraganisation I had this wonderful opportunity of leading a set of team members, all of whom, were either elder to me in age or were much more experienced in that industry. To add to this I had collegues who had children in colleges or  looking for jobs. I was like a management trainee in front of them. However the role was of a business unit head and I was expected to deliver performance very quickly. My honeymoon ended in one month and I was asked to take the challenges head on and turn the business around without losing time. Initial days were very tough with no one really interested in listening and almost every time I got up to speak

Pass the kindness

I have just had an experience thats been eye-opening and a big learning for me. Have you ever had an experience like the one in the image above ?..... well, thats not my car - but I had a very similar experience yesterday. Returning late at night from our gym, my wife and me took the left turn just after DT Mall on MG Road in Gurgaon, when suddenly the left tyre of my Optra sank deep into the mud there and the diagnolly opposite tyre actually went up a bit in the air !. Nothing I tried worked out - reversing it, turning the tyres and accelerating it ahead - absolutely nothing worked. Infact as I accelerated, the wheels started spinning throwing