Locked out and logged out in the LOCKDOWN…..

It passed away on 6th April 2020….slowly…. the last few hours were a struggle inspite of being on the ventilator (plugged in). Its reading kept declining from 26% at around noon to 3% at 9 PM. By then it was too late. Just couldn’t be revived and it passed away silently at 10:10 PM (0% was the reading ). No, it did not die due to COVID-19. It would have turned three in July 2020. But sadly that was not to be. It was my constant companion on my walks, in the clinic, in the kitchen, on my holidays, on flights and trains, in the car, when I went shopping. Here, there and everywhere. I couldn’t think of venturing out without it. It

live it up fully…..

Ever wondered what is the right age to start pursuing your passion? Well most people would say there isn't such a  thing, that one can start whenever the desire is strong enough to consume your mind. That surely is an obvious answer, the actual fact being that so many of us have enough and more reasons to postpone forever. Had an interesting discussion over the morning cuppa chai last weekend with my dear friend.  He is very fond of Urdu - the sweetness of the shayari, the mushairas enthrall him and the script quite intrigues him. However he hangs on to the view that it is too late to pick up and he isn't so sure of being able to carry it off. Ruchi and I egged him on but we soon realised we were not going to be allowed to make much progress. How often people develop such an enormous amount of inertia to