inspiration sources…..

There are three fundamental ways to get people to do things. You can coerce, motivate or inspire. While all the three methods find ample usage, this clearly seems like the era of inspiration where great outcomes are obtained through employees who believe in the underlying mission of the company.   We all need to be inspired in order to accomplish something. It fuels our desire to reach for our dreams, to realise our potential. The sources for such inspiration are many and come in the smallest of forms, in the most obvious of places. Through people, nature or situations. Small doses of daily inspiration that produce a transformational impact or a single big defining moment. Just that tiny little spark every-so-often to keep you going! It energises me to see Alok, in his mid sixties, working out in the gym everyday to stay fit. My mother's kindness -

leadership in tough times…..

I draw a huge  amount of inspiration from people who seem to be constitutionally incapable of capitulation. Had the privilege of listening to Jim Collins some time ago - he spoke of Steve Jobs and how in 1989 he had to be out of the organisation he had created. Well we all know of Apple's position amongst the world leaders in innovation and in market capitalisation today. People like that are obviously very difficult to work with, unique and eccentric in their own ways. But they also have this great characteristic of refusing to give up, of bouncing back from the most difficult of situations. Truly inspirational! Resilience of the highest order you can say, but clearly much, much more. Times are tough and will continue to be so for a while leading to a lot of hard decision making. Professionals as well

What is Difficult?

What is Difficult – not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure; OR Climbing Mt. Everest; Running a full Marathon; Finishing Tour De France; Swimming through English Channel or Participating in Ironman Triathlon is Difficult? Well, do you think it depends on the person, or should I say age, time, and opportunity. The answer is none. All you need is a goal, a challenge, and a positive attitude. I could not help raising this topic, because I just went through a similar experience and thought would share it with the wider audience. It goes back not long ago in October 2009, when I was looking for a road bike for a cycling event in Bangalore called Cyclothon for participating