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"Oh - Sharmila is a such a great professional. Smart, intelligent and so very capable. Much as I would want to, I will not be able to hire as her high salary will upset the equilibrium of my organisation." Rahul's dilemma just as it is of so many leaders in mid to large organisations.   The last couple of weeks have been a time of absolutely fantastic learning. Have interacted with a lot of people within and outside the organisation, including some solid industry and management gurus. While the topics have ranged from business to politics to entertainment and what it takes to make it big in the competitive world of today, inevitably the discussions on talent - acquisition, retention and development - have been the most engaging. Something very close to my heart too! We all recognise talent as the most significant differentiator

adding value…..

The higher you go in an organization, the more you need to make other people winners and not think so much about winning yourself. Perhaps you have lots more to gain by not winning at all.Successful practice of leadership is clearly about doing more of what you do well. Isn't it rather obvious to reinforce all that people like about you and your style!  Let me provide another perspective on good leadership - to stop behaviours that alienate potential allies, demoralise talented and committed people. Simply stated, eliminating bad habits that prevent you from becoming as successful as you could possibly be. These are not flaws of skills or limitations in intelligence that are too late to fix for a smarter you. They are behavioural flaws, annoyances that reduce

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The Festival Of Lights is here and I take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, prosperous and safe Deepawali. Hope this brings immense joy and peace into your lives and may you progress on the path towards your fulfilment! Ever wondered how a few people come up trumps in a situation that so many others find almost impossible to negotiate? Good old enthusiasm, a zest for life and an intense desire to do the best you can at all times is the differentiator. Make the most of what you can control and very soon the rest starts to take care of itself. Almost like an attitude thing! Let me elaborate..... The Best Leadership Advice I Ever Got Like many young Ph.D. students, I was deeply

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There are three fundamental ways to get people to do things. You can coerce, motivate or inspire. While all the three methods find ample usage, this clearly seems like the era of inspiration where great outcomes are obtained through employees who believe in the underlying mission of the company.   We all need to be inspired in order to accomplish something. It fuels our desire to reach for our dreams, to realise our potential. The sources for such inspiration are many and come in the smallest of forms, in the most obvious of places. Through people, nature or situations. Small doses of daily inspiration that produce a transformational impact or a single big defining moment. Just that tiny little spark every-so-often to keep you going! It energises me to see Alok, in his mid sixties, working out in the gym everyday to stay fit. My mother's kindness -

“Cast your bucket where you are”

A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal: “Water, water. We die of thirst.” The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back: “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A second time, the signal, “Water, send us water!” went up from the distressed vessel. And was answered: “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A third and fourth signal for water was answered: “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River. Sometimes leadership


There is no substitute for the ability to perform. Knowing what to do - professional competence - is vital to leadership. While that alone can't make a leader, it can surely undo one. Amongst many other reasons that create followership, competency is right up there. People would love to follow someone they believe is competent. The expectation is not that the leader be a foremost expert on every area of the entire organization. Just that they need to be able to demonstrate competency. The mere position of leadership makes some to accept but most require greater convincing before declaring you competent. When people under your leadership look at some action you have taken and think "that just goes to show why he is the one in charge", you are demonstrating competency. If these moments are infrequent,


Communication is such a strategic tool for making things happen and generating business results. So many of organisational problems are a direct result of people failing to communicate effectively and enough. I know of an organisation that seemed like floundering - everyone had a different idea of what they were trying to achieve. Each department was headed in its own, self determined direction with little synergy as small fiefdoms and internal politics took its toll. A consultant was called to fix the problem. They met with employees and customers, analysed the findings and set up a meeting with the CEO. That is when the depth of the problem manifested itself. The CEO had been unwilling to communicate and share the overall vision and direction broadly across


  "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to change the world?" The famous inspirational question popped by Steve Jobs that helped him to steal the CEO from Pepsi.   People want to be inspired. A whole class of people will follow an inspiring leader. Amongst many other elements, being inspirational is a matter of communicating clearly with passion, helping people see beyond a narrow focus and understand how their part completes the story. The embedded video is such a fine example of individuals whose actions have inspired a whole generation of people in a variety of fields - business, sports, arts, public life. Leaders and their deeds that have helped people take on forces far beyond their capacitities. I am sure you will enjoy