The opportunity mindset

There was an MNC making shoes. The director of the company sent his regional manager to Africa to assess the continent’s potential to buy shoes. After a short stay, the manager returned and reported “People walk bare footed in Africa, no one wears shoes, hence no potential to sell shoes there”. The director was not a man who would easily take no for an answer. He sent another manager to make another independent assessment. On his return, the second manager was jumping with joy, when he declared – “There is a huge market for shoes in Africa, as people walk bare footed and no one wears shoes. So high potential for our company to sell shoes” The second manager saw

share learnings…..

So much happens on any day. The environment around us is bustling with activity all the time providing opportunity  to observe and learn. Often times our minds are programmed to take note of the not-so-good happenings. We readily spot those, comment on them in our own small groups and quickly move on. In a world packed with goodness, this surely leads to millions of lost instances to reinforce positive learning. Through this post, I want to encourage sharing  of some of your most significant learings. Can be in any field - personal, professional working life, social interactions - whatever. Your experiences will be hugely valuable in making each one of us a better individual. Such a lot of collective wisdom is available! Let me narrate one such lesson I picked in