appraising performance…..

Managers usually consider performance appraisal as the formal way of measuring how well an employee has handled responsibilities and assignments during a given period of time. The significance is immense and the output can be used for a variety of purposes like compensation administration, career progression, disciplinary actions, assessing training needs etc. Clearly appraising and judging is one of the tougher parts of managing. Even though organisations profess merit as the sole criteria for rewarding, most systems do not work that straight and there is always a huge amount of subjectivity that inevitably creeps in. Given its mega potential to motivate or tick-off people, I have always considered this as one of the most crucial aspects of my job responsibility. A lot can be said and done when you sit across


Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others - so said the master Jack Welch. The quality and quantity of our output is so critically dependent on the performance of the team members. We will seldom have the choice of constructing teams from scratch and are expected to deliver results with the available resources. Given the linear relationship,  facilitating individual performance then becomes a prime leadership requirement. While one can use a variety of styles - delegating, directing, supporting etc - to further this objective depending upon the situation and the person, I am going to make a mention of one of the more effective and long term sustainable modes, that of Coaching. The goal of coaching is to guide the vision, urge excellence and