incrementalism and change…..

Over the past few weeks I have had a chance to meet with some leaders whose current engagement at work involves dealing with a huge amount of change across a variety of functions. So even though one of the earlier posts had been dedicated to the subject of management of change, I am creating another one. Such situations

Enjoy silent moments …..

This beautiful planet of ours - the Earth- is full of wonderful sounds which are pleasing to the ears.The sound of the ocean waves, waterfalls and the gushing streams, chirping of the birds, buzzing of the bees are a few such examples.   With the increasing human population and as new inventions

positive strokes…..

My boss in an earlier organisation had this great gift of making the most serious of situations appear light and under control. Not to say he wasn't driving us hard or that he was any easier to deal with. Just that his boundless enthusiasm and levels of energy would provide such

manage work pressures…..

During my college days of engineering and management, I realised that my mind was most sharp and absorbent closest to the examination day. Almost as if the pressure of exam deadline inspired a great sense of what was important and what could be ignored and stimulated the brain to function at a far higher capacity than otherwise. I cultivated this


Just like a great building stands on a strong foundation, so does success. And often the foundation of that success is attitude! It is not what happens to you that counts. It is how you react to what happens to you. Simply because there is so little that we all control.