gift for your child…..

Ruchi and Samarth are away to Mumbai. Guess I am feeling a little lonely, obviously missing them. Usually weekends are time for togetherness and even if you do not do too much, the act of the entire family being around is so soothing and a great stress buster.  Free time permits one the luxury to reflect upon things that you really care for but may not have been able to give enough attention for a variety of reasons. Your hobbies - or the apparent lack of them, old friendships, relationships you really want to preserve and enrich. The thought of parent - child relationship crossed my mind, have been thinking about it for a while and seems like a good moment to shape it further.   Children grow up very fast. Each

surviving the downturn…..

Had a wonderful bunch of college friends over for lunch today. We have had some great times together and such a gathering always makes for a very relaxing afternoon.   Relaxing it was till Ritu, who runs her own enterprise, made a harmless mention of the availability of talent - or the lack of it - to support the impending business growth. One point weaved into another and soon we found ourselves engrossed in an animated discussion on state of the economy, people struggling to survive  the downturn and into my motivation for another post on the blog. Economic cycles are inevitable and if you have been around for the last couple of years, chances are you have experienced one yourself. Over the course of every decade or so the economy seems to slump,

managing in a matrix…..

Over dinner last night my friend spoke of having to deal with the complications of  reporting to multiple managers almost daily. Interesting topic to draw in the larger community of people for their views I thought!  It is a fact of modern day structures where quite often we find ourselves accountable to more than one manager in organisations. Working in cross functional teams, reporting to them, interacting with them on a regular basis, more frequently than perhaps even our own line bosses. Call it the necessity of a matrix structure. Not sure if anyone is untouched by this - across levels and role types.  Continuing with the series of thought provoking posts, I am going to discuss another topical issue that is often less debated - but so relevant to the new organisation structures of