leading change…..

Vikas, a dear friend of mine,  is currently engaged in transforming a strong and successful but stagnant division he manages into a more agile, nimble footed, growth oriented and externally focused one. How familiar does this situation  appear to so many of us corporate folks! A much debated topic, change management is a phrase used very frequently but

leadership in tough times…..

I draw a huge  amount of inspiration from people who seem to be constitutionally incapable of capitulation. Had the privilege of listening to Jim Collins some time ago - he spoke of Steve Jobs and how in 1989 he had to be out of the organisation he had created. Well we all know of Apple's position amongst the world leaders in

secure leadership…..

A management guru I met recently at an education institute made a very interesting comment. He said the mood of leaders one is encountering these days is rather uncertain about themselves – they discount what they know or are good at and maximize or emphasize what they do not know.

chase your dreams…..

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2010. Time to make resolutions and I am allowing myself to get carried away with the flow of the normal. In the recent past two Hindi movies have really been inspirational for me - Rock On and 3 Idiots. Similar themes run

self discipline…..

While watching a soccer match late last night I suddenly realised I had not done my usual weekend post. That is almost a habit by now and so it shook me up to have missed it all of yesterday. Reflecting, the topic of self discipline came to my mind to write about. Questions are often asked about the