talent acquisition…..

"Oh - Sharmila is a such a great professional. Smart, intelligent and so very capable. Much as I would want to, I will not be able to hire as her high salary will upset the equilibrium of my organisation." Rahul's dilemma just as it is of so many leaders in mid to large organisations.   The last couple of weeks have been a time of absolutely fantastic learning. Have interacted with a lot of people within and outside the organisation, including some solid industry and management gurus. While the topics have ranged from business to politics to entertainment and what it takes to make it big in the competitive world of today, inevitably the discussions on talent - acquisition, retention and development - have been the most engaging. Something very close to my heart too! We all recognise talent as the most significant differentiator

“A” players…..

A discussion on the topic of career progression with friends is an experience in discovery. Just last night Sandeep shared how his boss gave him a pass "you are not an A Player and unless you become one, it is career limiting forever!" One has often heard such hazy subjective explanations that have been responsible for plateauing the career graphs of many a committed and proven performer. In matters of people, being objective, transparent and clear in communication is such a virtue. If employees begin to believe that decisions are largely subjective or perception based, it causes immense damage to morale and performance which has the potential of destroying the very fabric of the organisation over time. That is a great leadership failure and the situation has been accentuated in recent times because of the short term contractual and outcome based recruitments at the top.   I

talent development…..

Ekta walked into my room looking totally disoriented and confused. As if someone had shaken her up. "All well?" I enquired politely and was taken aback by the intensity of response the innocuous question elicited "What does my manager think of himself? I don't have what it takes to scale to the next level.....I work so hard to produce such wonderful results only to listen to stuff when it is time for my increment and promotion? This place just isn't worth it!" Familiar I am sure, these and many similar statements - and feelings - at review time.    Let me capture 2 trends that have emerged over the last few - 2/3 - years : - organisations have become far more demanding of employees. Boards expect more and senior leaders are under a constant microscope to create

talent management…..

In the next few posts I am going to seek your thoughts and ideas to some questions of general interest - deeply relevant and those that are currently engaging the minds of employees as well as organisations. This one is on the most precious resource - talent. When times are tough, survival becomes the most important priority and motivating people may fall way down the list. Organisations know that the risk of defection is dramatically reduced during a recession. Most staff members are simply relieved not to be part of the latest downsizing, and while top performers have the greatest flexibility to move, they don't want to sell their skills into a down market. Cash in at the right moment as they say. There are enough and more indications now to suggest that