Cooking up a Team

Some wise man once told me: “The way you play is the way you work”. In my work with the several teams I have had the good fortune to watch closely, I have often been witness to this truth rising to the fore unfailingly. And so it was, during the Friday of last week, when we were conducting a team building workshop for the senior leadership team of a corporate behemoth. The challenge laid out to them was starkly simple: to cook a meal. The nine individuals were split into 3 groups, which were handed Rs.200 each. The only other things offered were a cooking vessel, a ladle, a cutting board and a knife. No ingredients, no cooking stove, nothing else. And

building a team…..

Some of you sports inclined people must be following European soccer and the fortunes of the famous clubs. Love watching a Real Madrid game - a collection of huge stars, each member extremely skilled and of supreme individual brilliance. Just that their accomplishments over the past few years as a club have always fallen short leaving a lot to be desired. A group of players or a team, I wonder! I am sure you can relate to this great dilemma of the corporate world. Does cobbling together a coalition of a bunch of extremely talented, intelligent  professionals of  outstanding calibre guarantee results? Since a group's ultimate success often depends upon its balance, the key is how to find people who will ensure the furthering of the interest of the team, not just their own. Though in most situations a leader inherits a team, they still