what a revelation…..

I had the privilege of being present at the Silver Jubilee Reunion of my batch from BITS Pilani over the last weekend. Boy, was it worthwhile! What a rocking time we had. Almost as if the clock had turned back to the years when we were on the campus. The relationship bonds that get created at the college are some of the deepest ones. You are together for pretty much 24 hours of the day for almost 4 years, exposing your inner most self, becoming a part of the lives of a few people as much as  making them a part of your life. Such deep friendships sustain, are extremely cherished and special and very difficult, if not impossible, to create elsewhere. Isn't there a bit of romanticism about wandering down the memory lane? While a lot changes

live it up fully…..

Ever wondered what is the right age to start pursuing your passion? Well most people would say there isn't such a  thing, that one can start whenever the desire is strong enough to consume your mind. That surely is an obvious answer, the actual fact being that so many of us have enough and more reasons to postpone forever. Had an interesting discussion over the morning cuppa chai last weekend with my dear friend.  He is very fond of Urdu - the sweetness of the shayari, the mushairas enthrall him and the script quite intrigues him. However he hangs on to the view that it is too late to pick up and he isn't so sure of being able to carry it off. Ruchi and I egged him on but we soon realised we were not going to be allowed to make much progress. How often people develop such an enormous amount of inertia to