take your chances…..

In one of my earlier scripts I had mentioned of leadership as the ability to create followers. Now this clearly is an age defying phenomenon – people of any and all ages have the capability of lighting the path, of leading the way.

The video below – which a lot of us would have surely seen before – is such a fine example of leadership requiring no invitation to make a huge impact.


None of us need to wait to be anointed as leaders – that is hardly ever going to happen. It is these little little moments that you have to seize. Some initiative, a bit of courage, shed your inhibitions and there you go. An amazingly potent combination indeed.

What are you waiting for?

happy leading!


10 thoughts on “take your chances…..

  1. Rajiv-ji:
    Glad to see you blogging!

    Nice video…haven’t seen it before, but is pretty profound. I like it.

    All it takes is having the right intention and putting the first step forward without any hesitation to do the right thing, the rest will follow:-)

    Leadership is often a lonely journey…requires confidence and faith in one’s own mission/vision.

    Happy blogging! Will certainly be checking this space for more stories and interesting insights.


  2. Leadership is about setting the right example and making a difference in people’s lives. You do not have to do great things to make a difference. The small choices and decisions we make one hundred times a day reflect on our leadership. We all know that Attitudes and Actions are Contagious, hence we should desire to have ours catch on…………Make it your daily mission to set the example, to make a positive difference in someone’s life every day.
    Leadership is about getting gratification at the end of the day. You decide what makes you feel so……..

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