the big picture…..

templeWe can devote this and a few subsequent posts to certain key leadership attributes.

One of the great qualities of leaders is to be able to see and visualise the big picture. Many of you would have heard the temple story….

One day a traveller walking along a lane came across 3 stone cutters working in a quarry, each engrossed in his work. Interested in finding out what they were working on, he asked the first stonecutter what he was doing. “I am cutting stone”. Not getting too much of an answer, he turned to the 2nd stone cutter. “I am cutting perfectly square stones of uniform dimensions so that they fit in place together with one another”.  A bit closer to finding out what the stone cutters were working on but still unclear, he turned to the 3rd stone cutter. He seemed happiest of the three and on being asked, he replied “I am working to build a temple”.

The happiness quotient was created by the ability to see significance in work beyond the obvious. Knowing not just what to do and how but also why.

Working as a way to earn a living is fine but we spend so much of our awake lives at work that making this time as fulfilling as possible is surely worth the effort. Learning to look beyond the obvious, seeing the bigger picture can be a big step towards happiness.

Leadership requires much more though, as we will continue to uncover……

best wishes


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