The Ultimate Giver

Very few can match her desire to give.
She has given love and care, guidance and hope, smile and happiness to each and every person she has met for as long as I can remember.

As a teacher, she teaches many unknown children from the slums who come to her regularly for the past many years. She gives them books and stationary, pays their school fees if they are unable to do so and also rewards them when they do well in their studies. She is so devoted when teaching … giving them full attention although they are of different ages and grades. She does all this lovingly no matter how busy her day had been.

As a Homoeopathic doctor, she is ready to dispense medicines at any time of the day with the hope of helping the patient who may be a relative, friend, neighbour, someone sitting in the park who looks ill or anybody for that matter. All for free…No charges whatsoever.

She does not hesitate to give away money, food, clothes,etc. to the needy and not so needy…to the sweeper, roadside beggar, cleaner, helper, acquaintance…to anyone…She just loves to give.

She has gone through extreme illnesses and treatments and has thankfully always bounced back due to her amazing will power and strong beliefs in self healing.

Last year there was a burglary at her residence in which the thieves took away all her gold ornaments, a lot of silverware and cash. But all she had to calmly say was ” Maybe those who took everything away needed it more than us “… Can you beat that?

Well, I am talking about my mother, the most amazing lady who has largely stayed at home, taken care of my grandparents, has had superb relations with everyone in the family, has brought us up with wonderful values along with my father.

She has lived a selfless life with dignity and had compassion for everyone. True to her name GEETA…she is like all the teachings of  ” The Holy Geeta” rolled in one.

Today as she celebrates her 75th birthday ( incidentally it falls on 15th August, the Independence Day of India ), I wish her good health and happiness always.. with with due regards, admiration and appreciation for her delightful qualities.

I can only say… MAA TUJHE SALAAM



9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Giver

  1. Mami tujhe Salam.
    So well said.Holy Geeta rolled in one.Have to learn so very much from her, specially Joy of giving.

  2. Wonderful write up it’s commendable what she is doing. Lots to learn from her. Look up to real life heros. More power to her.

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