Time to say bye to “The Little Red Dot”

22 months have flown by so soon. We are heading back to NOIDA, India after a wonderful stay in Singapore – a country that is so safe and secure, clean, green and pollution-free with a pleasant urban environment. Abundant lush greenery can be seen all along the roadsides and built-up areas. There are numerous parks and nature reserves with very well conserved biodiversity making it easy for people to walk, run, cycle everywhere.
Singapore has transformed itself from being a “Garden City” to “City in a garden”.

As our residence was near the East Coast Park, we had the advantage of  going on walks to witness the magnificent sunrises and sunsets with scenic view of the sea and sandy beaches.


Our apartment (on the 20th floor) had a huge balcony facing the open sea from where we could observe the movements of the ships and boats and the changing colours of the sea and sky at different hours of the day. Also fighter jets and other aircrafts flew over our condominium regularly during Air Force exercises. It was like watching an airshow with deafening sounds and various formations of the jets.

For me, it was like a long holiday allowing me to connect with myself, for my creativity to grow and also giving me ample time to explore the place (although I would have loved to see more).

I started my Facebook page – Calming Crafts – while I was here. This page showcases my painting, cookery, knitting, crochet and other arts and crafts.I would encourage you to visit the page facebook.com/calmingcrafts/. I hope to continue creating and posting new projects that I complete.

Learning Tai-Chi, participating in walks and runs, volunteering at Willing Hearts- a charitable organisation were some of the standout activities. But the icing on the cake for me was my participation as a volunteer at WTA Finals 2018. It allowed me to take a look up close at how such a big international event is organised with the added incentive of watching great tennis matches and meeting iconic women tennis players from the past and present. How many people get such opportunities?

Singapore is a great place for various cultural celebrations throughout the year. Deepavali, Christmas, Hari Raya (Eid),etc. are celebrated with as much fervor as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival. Witnessing all these celebrations allows you to learn a lot about this country where people of every religion, race or colour are treated with respect.
People are non-judgemental about what you wear or eat— a place that allows you to adjust and settle in easily.

It was good to stay connected with everyone as family and friends kept visiting us. It was fun to act as a tourist guide taking them around Chinatown, Gardens by the bay, Esplanade, Arab street, Sentosa, etc. I loved to visit the Flower dome with changing floral displays of various exotic flowers and plants throughout the year.


It was a great learning experience to live like an expat for the first time making new friends, seeing new places and above all feeling at ease in a new country ( thanks to all the friends here) and making special memories.

Cannot not mention the pouring rains, brilliant lightening and deafening thunder which made this experience even more fabulous.

All in all a wonderful stay. All good Lah !!

As I leave this ” City in a garden” , I can only say — SINGAPURA  — you’ll be missed.








25 thoughts on “Time to say bye to “The Little Red Dot”

  1. As they say every Journey has some meaning !!.
    Singapore allowed you to dig deep in your painting, cookery, knitting, crochet and other arts and crafts etc.
    Who know another Dot (journey) is waiting you to take your creativity to new heights and area.

    All the best to you and jijaji …

  2. Got a full view about your stay in this beautiful country. Very happy to know you had a great time. Life is all about living in moments wherever you are and you follow it thoroughly Bhabhi (inspires me a lot). Wish you all the success in your future endeavours. Have a fun filled and fantastic life.

  3. Very well expressed Ruchi👍. As you described , it is a wonderful place and we experienced the same in our short stay with you.

  4. Wonderfully written Ruchi. Beautifully described. I almost felt like I am visiting the places with you thanks to your vivid description. You have raised my curiosity to explore this country. Lovely pictures to support the write up. Very simple style of writing straight from the heart.

  5. This beautiful red dot is going to miss you Ruch.
    To more such Creative expressions…
    Way to go

  6. Dear Ruchi,

    Wonderful capturing of your stay here. It was like a mini video of your stay here. I don’t know about Singapore being missed by you…. Singapore has lost a valuable person. A country is always determined by its inhabitants sometimes specially by new entrants. I am a nobody here but my views are it’s a very sad day to hear about your departure and losing the presence of a couple who should have been here Long term. In a short while you blended in seamlessly with the ethos , environment of Singapore. A unique flower 🌷 in the garden called Singapore

  7. Wonderful discription of Ur stay and beautifully described Singapore.It surely is a great place n u were lucky to experience it thoroughly.
    We welcome u here happily.

  8. Wow Ruchi love the way u described your stay in Singapore .. Indeed this is a lovely country where everyone gets equal opportunity ….Though quite sad u returning back will def miss ur company …All the best for your future

  9. Singapore is described so wonderfully by you. Anyone can be tempted to visit the beautiful place. All the opportunities you got to discover new things and brush your talents were amazing. I wish you keep getting more opportunities.

  10. No wonder Singapore is home to everyone from all backgrounds and cultures. The little red dot has something to offer to all and sundry. Welcome home but will miss all our short meetings while travelling to Singapore. That was an added attraction and incentive too. Looking forward to seeing you soon

  11. What a beautiful description of Singapore Ruchi Maam!! I have visited there many times for conferences but never saw it the way you described it. Singapore’s loss is totally our gain. So so glad to have you back. Waiting to see you maam 😍

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