what a revelation…..

I had the privilege of being present at the Silver Jubilee Reunion of my batch from BITS Pilani over the last weekend. Boy, was it worthwhile! What a rocking time we had. Almost as if the clock had turned back to the years when we were on the campus.

The relationship bonds that get created at the college are some of the deepest ones. You are together for pretty much 24 hours of the day for almost 4 years, exposing your inner most self, becoming a part of the lives of a few people as much as  making them a part of your life. Such deep friendships sustain, are extremely cherished and special and very difficult, if not impossible, to create elsewhere.

Isn’t there a bit of romanticism about wandering down the memory lane? While a lot changes over such a long period, you look around and wonder how so much has been preserved too. Or is it the coming together of the same set of people which beckons the mind to believe that everything really looks the same! Well, maybe I am getting carried away!

The environment of a great educational institution coupled with gems of wisdom radiating from such an illustrious bunch of people turn you into a pupil one more time. This shishya picked up 2 such brilliantly priceless learnings :

– so many people from similar environs of one institute have gone on to become hugely successful in a variety of fields. The route to success have been unique and success has come by patiently aligning their work and their passion. For most people this passion was not obvious to begin with but all of them were able to uncover it over time, sooner than later. The combination of passion and patience seems like really lethal and perhaps a must have for success over mid to long run

– be genuinely nice to everyone around you, without expectation of  any returns. Always look to expand the network of your contacts. It is amazing how we keep getting connected to the same people and acquaintances every so often. What goes round comes around and so you are bound to get the benefits of your nicety even if you do not aspire for it. Being nice + a great people network is an awesome wealth to possess.

There was so much to gain – I absolutely wouldn’t have missed it for anything at all. Blessed to have had this learning – thanks batchmates, thanks wingies – owe a lot to you all!